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The Apex Academy of Professional Grooming and Animal Arts partners with Zoom Zoom Groom Limited  and PreZoomably Cats: Feline Groomz & Roomz in Regina, Saskatchewan . Between the three entities, there is 4000 square feet, which includes a beautiful classroom,  a grooming area that accommodates 20 hydraulic tables (situated in pods so each student is always with a veteran groomer and facilitator) with state of the art equipment, including Clipper Vacs at each station.


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There is a separate, beautiful cat grooming area, which boasts 2 Catty Vac Shacks (specialty cat dryers) and an upscale cat boarding area. Zoom Zoom Groom  and PreZoomably Cats are very busy salons- this enables the school to provide maximum student involvement.


Multiple facets of learning, all under ONE roof

Zoom Zoom Groom  and PreZoomably Cats have two very busy mobile grooming vehicles. The students get to experience the life of a mobile groomer and participate in several days on the road. Due to the fact that we also have a retail area, part of the business course will include adding extra revenues to your income.


We have done all we can to immerse our students in all aspects of the industry, whether it’s retail, salon grooming, dog grooming, cat grooming or mobile grooming.