Canine Quick Start All Inclusive Groomer Program

Theory 75 Hours: Completed online at home      

Practicum 485 Hours: completed at apex academy



The Apex Assistant Groomer Program

This program is simply an introduction to the world of grooming. Even though we title it the introduction, don’t underestimate it’s importance. Learning to properly handle, bath, brush and dry are the most essential skills in creating a superior groom. This program enables the student to acquire the knowledge of proper handling of dogs and cats-identifying bathing, brushing, combing, cleaning ears, eye cleaning, clipping or dremeling nails, de-shedding procedures, and basic finishing techniques of the various coated breeds. An introduction to tools used in the bathing/ drying/ and preparation stages will be discussed and the learner will have the opportunity to spend 60 hours of hands-on-practical time to experience their use. Clipper blade and maintenance will be reviewed. The objective of this program is to educate and prepare the student with the knowledge required to be qualified to enter into the dog grooming industry as a Grooming Assistant / Bather Brusher for any Professional Grooming establishment..

Apex Canine Pet Stylist Program

Students will complete this program understanding the basic skills of pet grooming dogs according to the standards set out by the Canadian Kennel Club. Students will be able to identify the groups of dogs selected by the Canadian Kennel Club, identify the breeds & identify their grooming needs. The learner will identify various diseases- both zoonotic and those that are simply passed between dogs/ cats etc. The learner will also be able to perform first aid techniques. More advanced learning on the fundamentals of brushing, combing, nail care, ear care, bathing, drying will take place. In addition to expanding learning from the Assistant Program, the students will be introduced to clipper skills, use of the Clipper Vac, scissoring skills, pattern identification to CKC standards & anatomy, Focus will be on increasing speed to create superior, effiecient grooming skills.


Theory Syllabus

  • Orientation; Groomer & Pet Safety; Equipment Selection & Care;
  • Dogs 101; Anatomy & Behavior; Breed Standards of The American Kennel
  • Club/ Canadian Kennel Club; Proper Handling Techniques; Challenging Pets;
  • Special Care Of Young & Old Pets; Customer Service; Keeping Up Professional
  • Appearances; Diseases- Zoonotic and others/ first aid
  • Clipper Techniques; Basic Scissoring, & Thinning Techniques;
  • CKC Standards- group/ breed identification
  • Further learning on brushing / dematting techniques.
  • Basic Finishing Techniques
  • Running a Business and Keeping/Attracting Clientele
  • Advanced Scissoring & Thinning
  • CKC Patterns; Creative Patterns for Mixed Breeds
  • Handling Techniques
  • Advanced Clippering, Techniques & Tools
  • Head Pattern Review; Putting Patterns Together
  • Fault Correction; Speed Grooming Techniques
  • Advertising, clientele, social networking, website, budgeting, employment opportunities.


  • Hands On Dog Bathing
  • Brushing & Drying, Recognition of Skin Disorders
  • Choosing The Proper Products; Tools & Techniques
  • Management of All Coat Types
  • Dogs Eyes, Ears, Nails & Teeth care
  • Deshedding/ Matt techniques/ clipper blade maintenance/ Fou Fou Finishing
  • Brushing & Drying
  • Clippering, Thinning & Scissoring
  • Basic Head Patterns
  • Finishing Touches
  • Pattern Setting for all groups of dogs including mixed breeds
  • Scissoring, Thinning & Finishing Techniques
  • Identifying Faults and Correcting them.


  • Grade 12 Diploma
  • Grooming is a very physical job- although we have tables, tubs etc. that aid in the lifting of dogs, a groomer still must have physical strength and endurance to lift and stand for long periods of time.


tuition $6585

registration $250

books $494

tools  $2335

online membership $62

= TOTAL $9725