The BEST Groomers- You May Be Surprised!


Being an owner of two busy salons and Apex Academy of Professional Grooming & Animal Arts, I’ve come to realize that clients aren’t necessarily looking for the most polished, flawless grooms, but what they are looking for is a trusting, caring personality, and a groomer that has their animal’s best interests as their priority.

We all know in this industry there are slower times. For us in Saskatchewan, it is in the coldest part of the year right after the Christmas holidays. During this time, it becomes quite evident who has built a strong clientele base with regular yearly bookings.

At Zoom Zoom Groom & PreZoomably Cats, we have incredible groomers, and I am extremely proud of every one of them! However, when analyzing who has the most active client base, it becomes evident to me that it has less to do with the groomers finesse, talent and speed and more to do with the relationships they have with their clients.

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Here is a list of characteristics and professional skills our top booking groomers have:
1.    They take time to get to know the client and their dog or cat. Right from the minute the client enters the door, they display this isn’t just a job, but a passion and the client's pet is their number one priority!
2.    They genuinely love their job- grooming isn’t just a paycheck. Their compassion and passion comes through to the client loud and clear and creates a trusting and respectful relationship.
3.    The groomers that display the best listening skills and ask questions that reveal what the client wants are the groomers who build trust and provide the client with consistency over the long haul.
4.    Successful groomers have a “zen” about them. If the groomer is compassionate, gentle, and calm, a positive relationship grows between the pet and client. It’s just a natural fit.
5.    The groomers who consistently enroll repeat clientele have relations with them beyond the intake in the lobby- these groomers:
6.    Review the groom with the client at completion. Asking them how they feel about the groom.
7.    They keep careful records, so if the client likes the groom or wants to change a length, they have a benchmark point.
8.    They give the client a compassionate assessment of how the groom went without sugar coating the dog’s/cat’s behavior, and sharing how they can make the experience better next time if needed.
9.    They express their sincere thanks for sharing and trusting their pet with them. They recognize their clients are a gift and need to be appreciated.
10.    They keep engaged with the client, even after the groom, by sending reminders or giving their clients a call a few days before any appointments.
11.    They consistently provide the best professional services possible: a great bath, groom, finishing, etc. & taking extreme pride in their work!

So as you can see, other than the last point, most factors have little to do with a groomer’s level of hand-scissoring skills and their awards as elite stylists, but more to do with the positive engagement they have with their clients (both two-legged and four-legged)!

The beauty of the groomers who consistently exude these characteristics is they also become the backbone of the business, as they are inspirational not only to their clients but also to their fellow staff members.

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I can honestly express that the staff at Zoom Zoom Groom & PreZoomably Cats are successful because they care and have compassion beyond measure.

Yes, having great grooming techniques are essential, but becoming trained, so you are a confident groomer, displaying your passion for the industry and utilizing fantastic communication skills and techniques will only strengthen and elevate your career to a higher professional level.

All Fur Love,

Connie Buchanan

Connie Buchanan