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Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, we offer an in-depth program that focuses on both the art and science of pet grooming.


Our dog grooming school operates in the same building as Regina’s #1 grooming salon, Zoom Zoom Groom, meaning our students get HANDS-ON experience working alongside Master Stylists.


Work for industry leaders or start your own business. Our vocational courses not only teach grooming, but also important lessons on professionalism, industry, and entrepreneurship.


Our courses are designed by an instructor with 20 years of experience in education. We utilize specialized learning techniques to ensure all of our students excel to their personal bests.

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Tina at the grooming table

The Best Groomers: You May Be Surprised!

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As I learn along the way with both the school and our busy salon at Zoom Zoom Groom & PreZoomably Cats, I’ve come to realize that clients aren’t necessarily looking for the most polished, flawless grooms, but what they are looking for is a trusting, caring personality, and a groomer that has their animal’s best interests as their priority.

Professional Grooming = Opportunities Galore!

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Hello… and thanks for participating in my blog! My name is Connie Buchanan, and I am here to tell you about the blessing I have encountered by entering this world…

Myths about Winter Dog Grooming

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There are also several misconceptions about dog grooming in the winter. Myth 1: The longer and thicker my pet’s coat is, the warmer it will be in the cold temperatures….

"I have been showing dogs for 25 years and have never met a better group of people in the dog world. Thank you Connie and staff for welcoming me into your world and giving me the tools to make this dream a reality."

− Janet Dvernichuk

"I have never had that much fun in an educational setting. Connie Buchanan and her knowledgeable, friendly staff were always there to help guide you each step of the way."

− Sheila Horvath from Barks Barber Shop

"A lot has happened in 1 year after completing my training at Apex. I purchased a mobile grooming trailer upon graduation and now own my own mobile grooming business. I believe going to school for grooming and taking such a comprehensive program has made a big impact on my success."

− Jessica Tremblay

The Assistant Groomer Program

Starting your grooming career from scratch? This 80 hour crash course is built to help you break into the industry as fast as possible.

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The Master Pet Stylist Program

Building on the Assistant Groomer Program, the Master Pet Stylist Program can help you become an expert in this growing field.

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Clipper Vac Training

Clipper Vac is a revolutionary tool that allows you to groom better and faster than ever before. Learn how to use it to your advantage in just 3 days.

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